v(alentine) ✰

he/him 19

comms open once every month
art trades mutuals only

commission tos

you are free to use your commission as you see fiti have the right to turn down any commission i do not wish to takecredit is required if the art is used/uploaded outside of toyhousei will not do refunds if i have started your commission, partial refunds can be discussed if neededcancellations of reserved slots is okay, but if you do constant cancellations i will stop working with youi will NOT do major alterations if i have finished a piece. i will do small ones but not complete reworksi am not currently doing commercial work, but you are free to use my art for personal use/no profit merchdo not send me payment thru friends and family on paypal

design tos

there is a 1 week cooldown for reselling/trading my designsdo not resell freebie or upcharge flatsale/auction designs, unless you have commissioned/extra art of themredesigns are allowed, you do not need to ask for permission even if you make major changes/fully redesign the character. just keep my art somewhere!skintone changes are permitted as long as the character isn't being white-washednsfw art of my designs is permitted if you're over 18, as long as the character wasn't designed to be/look like a childif you're unsure if something is tos breaking or not feel free to dm!